Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pictures from fall Boston Trip

I know that not many of you all read this blog. I barely read it myself. But for my friend Sandy, who never comments anymore, and for anyone else who might care, I do put pics up here once in awhile of trips we've taken. For some reason, the fall leaves and sights captured my interest this trip so I'll share a few of them with you.

This is a gate outside of Harvard Square. I took the picture with my color subtraction on, so that only red shows up. While we were in Harvard we ate at a cool Tapas restaurant. Tapas is short for a restaurant that doesn't give you much food on any one plate, but they charge you a lot because the plate is cute. Here is that restaurant.

This picture below is taken right outside the Charles Hotel, where David and I spent our honeymoon night. We walked through the lobby to see what memories it brought back. None. Didn't remember a bit of it. But this walkway is pretty!

These are buoys that were lined up outside a shop in Rockport. Very colorful. I like this pic.

This one is just classic New England.

So that's it for now...I'm tired and I still have to pack up for our trip home to Sunny South Florida. Believe it or not, everyone...we have no more tickets for upcoming trips and really no more travel plans! I am not naive enough to think that we will stay put for long, but it's nice dreaming. Sooner or later, though, we get restless. Atlanta will surely come next. And business does call. And a tropical island would be nice. Hey, Whaples, weren't we supposed to be doing a cruise?????

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nashville, Tennessee and the Saunders road trip

This is my Nashville girl! She fell in love with Belmont University, Nashville, Franklin...everything.

Here we are in Franklin, Tennessee. Note the rockstar clothes on David...Jillian was busy shopping for David at "The Buckle".

The Gibson guitar factory was a favorite stop in Nashville!