Friday, December 21, 2007

3:13 and all is well

So this is how I enter the blogosphere... with a whimper in the middle of the night. Somehow that seems right, because the middle of the night has become my defining moment. 

I have always been a night owl, but previously my nocturnal habits had been my own choice. Now, I have a child who suffers from insomnia and OCD... a lethal combination. Her anxiety causes her to long for human companionship while she struggles with sleep. And while I don't feel human, quite, I am some form of companionship. So here I sit, night after night. 

I am hoping through this blog to explore some of the creative thoughts and projects that waltz through my mind at this hour. I sit here and day dream (night dream?) and think and pray. And when I do there is no one to share my thoughts with. So now I will share them here. 

Today I have been reading "Kabul Beauty School" by Deborah Rodriguez. I always wondered what drives certain people to accomplish extraordinary deeds. Deborah (Miss Debbie in the book) was an ordinary woman with her share of bad luck and tough choices. Through disaster training this hairdresser ended up in Kabul, Afghanistan and discovered the need for beauty services in that town devastated by the Taliban's rule. The book is inspiring. This woman had no amazingly special skills. Although a woman of faith, she was not a lifetime missionary and showed no desire to convert the Afghani women. She didn't have access to movers and shakers, but worked her magic on the people already around her. In other words, she was a lot like you and me. But she changed her world. I am inspired to reevaluate how I can change my world.

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