Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas countdown begins

So if this is a record of my nights by the glow of the computer screen, I'm afraid tonight is not going to be typical. Our home is crammed full of visiting friends. Is there anything better than time with friends? These, unfortunately, are moving to Georgia the day after Christmas, and our life will become a little less full when they do. On the other hand, we're following them to Georgia in just a few days, so who knows?

We went to see the new National Treasure movie tonight. I was surprised that I enjoyed it nearly as much as the original! Great writing...good wit. It's not often that I feel like I got my money's worth. I love thinking about the what ifs of history. What if it really happened like that?

So that's about it. It's 3 AM, I have nothing to say, and Jillian STILL isn't ready for bed. It ended up being 5 AM yesterday, so maybe tonight will be better. OCD is a frustrating disease. Sometimes it appears so normal: like Jillian surely COULD go to bed on her own if she just wanted to. And at other times I realize how deeply her fears run, how insecure she really is. Just a few minutes ago, kissing her goodnight, she accidently bumped me in the nose. Not an issue (though it really did!). She has apologized not less than 10 times for that bump. A few minutes ago she even wandered back out here to the living room to make sure I forgive her. That, my friends, is OCD at work.

Well, good night from my magical nocturnal wonderland. Rest easy, friends!

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