Thursday, March 20, 2008

Creativity Killers

That's's one of THOSE nights. I had plans to be in bed by now, happily watching my favorite tv game show, "What's My Line?" But no...tonight was one of those ferocious battles. And so as I sat here ready to write or work on some of my projects I realize that the battle has drained my creativity. I've noticed, lately, that there are a lot of Creativity Killers in my house. These are just a few of them to think about.
  1. Too much stuff in the way.
  2. Laundry and other little tasks. "I'll just get this done then..."
  3. Sweet hubby who likes to remind me of to-do items. In all fairness, I do the same thing to him.
  4. Everyone else's creativity: intimidating and messy.
  5. SLEEP...or the lack of it.
It's no good complaining without thinking of some fixes for the problem, so next time I guess I'll commit to offering up my creativity boosters. If I can wake up. 

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