Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ragamuffintop - idk what week

So Carlos is pretty well convinced we've all fallen off the wagon on the Ragamuffintop challenge, and he might be right. I know that I've been horrible about exercising, but by the same token I've been really good about not letting my diet go to the dogs. I've been away from home for a week, and only home for a few days before that. But even traveling I've been eating reasonably. Now doggone's time for the exercise thing. SO this week I have a new goal: I'm going to get out there and walk while I'm up in the north in relatively cool weather. Someone out there hold me accountable! And don't let me get away with saying that being a spotter on the boat counts as exercise!


Gretchin said...

Im here for you sister! We can hld each other accountable. I need someone to help me too! I have been doing great with my eating but have fallen off the exercise train. uggg

I have this beautiful park across the street with 4 miles of scenic trails around a lake, how much better can it get, and yet I am not there doing anything. Although last time I went I was almost viciously attacked by geese which is probably my fault for wanting to pet the ducklings. lol

Ok ok, enough excuses. I need to do the same. We can do this together. Check back in this week with me and I will do the same!


Land of Marcelo said...

We are here! We can do this! we are all in this together! We all have our bad weeks and good ones. Keep it up!