Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The first vacation pictures!

This is a picture of the five of us downtown Boston a few days ago. We went to the New England Aquarium, as you can tell from the next picture!

I'm sorry I haven't gotten more vacation pictures up here yet. We've been having great times on the lake tubing and -- hurray! -- jetskiing. The upload time here is excruciating, though. We're headed back to Boston tonight and I will try to round up the camera cards!

Don't you love summer? I feel like this is the first real vacation we've had up here in years.


Jives said...

Thanks for visiting the Aquarium!
That's a great shot of Myrtle in the Giant Ocean tank.

You can check out a bunch of animal pictures in our picasa album.

And there are videos on our youtube channel too.

Hope you had a great time :)

Marla said...

Thank you! Myrtle was definitely the hit of the trip. We're headed back tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Sassy AND Fierce! Love my Florida Fam!