Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maybe the Mall

Have you ever thought about how inspiring a mall is? I wandered through the Gardens Mall with my camera today, trying to see things with a visual eye rather than my analytical side. My mind was thinking about how we go to malls trying to reinvent ourselves. Mini Mall Makeovers. There is endless hope in each new store, each display. Around the corner just might be the "thing" that changes our life!

But I got tired of my mind, so I took out my camera and took pictures of colors. Enjoy!

All the windows are sporting Mother's Day displays, which means lots of pretty florals and nice colors. I loved those Coach purses lined up. One of each?
First glance: "Ooh...Tiffany sunglasses. Cool!"
Second glance: "$650??????? And how quickly would I lose them?"

And finally there is this picture from Anthropologie. It's not a great picture, but it ended my camera crusade when I was (im)politely informed that Anthro does not allow photographs. I'm surprised she didn't make me delete it!

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