Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What you do when you miss your friends in Georgia

On the way down to Boca last night (to buy David's mom and dad a new Mac computer!) we were missing all our friends who hang out in Georgia. Since Georgia is synonymous with Waffle House, we detoured off I-95 at Boynton Beach Boulevard and found the Waffle House.

The waiter thought we were kind of weird, taking pictures with the iPhone of things like menus and coffee cups. Cool graphic on the coffee cup, though! Our waiter was tattooed up and down both arms and, as we found out later, on his legs. We had a great discussion with him about the metaphors behind all his tattoos. This guy put a lot of thought into the statements he wanted to make with his body. I enjoyed the conversation...not headed out to get any tattoos, but intrigued at peaking into the thought process behind the choices.


Anonymous said...

Just getting caught up on my reading here. I know we areonly some of your GA friends, but I miss my friends from PBG too. When are you coming up here?

Natalie said...

There is a Waffle House less than a mile from our house. HOWEVER, I do know of a place in Georgia that boasts great food and fellowship.... AKA The Mawdesley Motel. Oh, and they are currently taking reservations. :o)