Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fat Ragamuffintop Week 1

Yes, that's us: one Ragamuffin Top (me) and one pretty decently in shape and definitely cute husband. And we are home from vacation, and ready to take the Ragamuffintop Challenge.

So here is my measurable, concrete goal: two dress sizes. One dress size by August 24 (my nephew's wedding.

Progress this week: I bought a book called the 3-hour-diet (about as long as I can stay on one!) and began using the meal plans. For me, any plan is better than what I do on my own. This one features three meals of 400 calories each, three snacks of 100 calories each, and one 50 calorie snack they try to call dessert. The meal plans are very flexible, interchangeable, and can work with many of the frozen entree's for those days. You know those days.

I went back to the gym. Yes, I did. Finally. Today we just walked on the treadmill, but I'm hoping to get back into some strength training this week as well as 3 days of cardio at least.

That's my plan, and I feel rather exposed posting it, but I think that is the idea!


Dandelion Seeds said...

Good luck! You can do it!

Audra Krell said...

You are a very beautiful woman with beautiful girls!!! You are going to be a complete success with your new diet. The gym is the key - as you probably know, well exercise is the key. Doing a little something everyday really helps me to keep "some" of the weight off.