Monday, June 23, 2008

A few pics from Jordan and Israel

Kylie is home from her trip to Jordan and Israel! She went with Student Leadership University, an organization she has traveled with every summer. Oh, you should see the hundreds of photos she took. But for just a sampling of her trip:
Kylie is on the left in this photo. The girls are covered in black to go into a Muslim mosque in Jordan.

I can honestly say that this is a picture I never thought I would see: Kylie on a camel. That's her friend Katie behind her. I love saying "Kylie 'n Katie on a camel." Small things entertain me.

This is Jay Strack baptizing Kylie in the Jordan River. I am amazed at how murky it can't even see their legs! No wonder that general Naman from the Old Testament story didn't want to dip into the Jordan river 6 times! I didn't realize that it was a test of faith in more than one way!
That's our girl! I'm so proud of her and all the work she has put into the various levels of Student Leadership University. Now it's time to prepare for Toccoa Falls!

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