Monday, January 7, 2008

Nocturnal Nothings

It is 1:48 and every member of my household is up and active. What is wrong with this picture? Kylie is watching TV, Jillian is - presumably - getting ready for bed. Spring is working on a post card for the One Life campaign at church, and David was recently helping her. And me? I am hanging with my bloggies, as I put it. I love flopping on this couch and picking up my computer for the time I spend waiting for Jillian. Each night I bring my book dutifully to the couch, but somehow the computer is better company. At certain times of the day it will connect me with my friends, show me the world, or play reruns of the shows that weren't on tv this season. Does it get any better?

Life moves on here, slowly. I see Jillian trying to find a rhythm in this suddenly rhythmless life she has. Tomorrow we start back to schoolwork for all, so that will provide a structure for a week or so. Then off to Boston perhaps? I would be excited about going - I am excited, actually, except that my mom will be so upset that we are leaving once again. Somehow these things are personal to her, and she doesn't like to see us travel. Having so recently returned from Atlanta, a Boston trip will feel frivolous to her. 

In the meantime, this is the end of day two in our detox diet. David and I started yesterday. Was it only yesterday? Impossible. My head aches, my body aches. How is this possible just by altering the foods I eat? Wow! My book says that tomorrow I should feel better. I am standing on the promise. 

So that is about it. We are moping around the house nursing heartache and headache. 

Good night!

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