Friday, January 4, 2008

Sleepwalking and Daydreaming

Well here we are again! It is nearly 4 AM and Jillian is just now settling down to sleep after a long 9 hour drive from Atlanta. For the first night in two weeks Jillian must sleep by herself, and she is not happy about it. Neither am I. While she was away she was...well...normal. She slept roughly the same hours as the other kids; she kissed me good-night and trotted off to bed; she lived her life. Tonight, at home, all that progress is a daydream and I am still sleepwalking around my pre-dawn house. I need wisdom and clarity on this issue, because I know that our home can not function like this for too long. Some structure and order needs to be super-imposed on the OCD. 

The trip to Atlanta was so wonderful. We were full of trepidation: 14 people sharing a home, some of whom we had never met before. But once more God surprised us with joy. We learned to enjoy the creative chaos of the moment. And (haha) we learned a whole lot of guitar riffs playing guitar hero until the early morning hours. Slow Ride....Take it Easy.... Who would have thought that would be the soundtrack of our vacation?

Highlights: World of Coke, 12Stone Church and its newest pastor, Grace Fellowship church and her amazing Pastor, Discovery Mills, The Great Debaters, more friends than I knew what to do with, and most of all...going to bed on time!

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Anonymous said...

Marla! This is so awesome to read these blogs and relive the memories. You are such a true friend. I love ya!
The Georgia Hobbit