Sunday, January 13, 2008

Digital Disaasters

Tonight the blessings and the curses of the digital age came home to roost: Kylie deleted her entire digital library of photos. These were years of her life, and at least one year of her art. I have to hand it to her...she was devestated but calm. I'd have been throwing the computer. David is now patiently working with a mac recovery program to see if anything remains to be seen. I'll post the results! 

Jillian is snoozing in her bed. I am trying to decide if I dare turn off her lights and close up her room. She was packing for Boston when she apparently fell asleep! Now what to do? 

Tomorrow we head north once again: cold and snowy. We stop in Atlanta, though, and pick up Mike and Em. Yeah! We'll feel complete again for a little bit. It has been a rough transition this week for Jillian and for us as well, if we are being truthful. Suddenly we have no guarantee of friends who are always happy to see us and go out to play. Oh, don't get me wrong. We have friends. But not any right now who will always be read for any new adventure. We are hoping to be able to meet up in ATL.

As for me...well I've been glad to emerge from my detox fog and resume a little bit of life again. I feel better and lost a little bit of weight, and most importantly I am ready to begin a good eating program that just might work! 

Church started its "One Life" campaign. This week Todd Mullins spoke. Next week our teaching pastor John Maxwell, and then our senior pastor Tom Mullins. We're enjoying the series and the call to commitment.

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