Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fire in Square Lake

This is the house next door to my mom's house. At about 12:45 we began to hear sounds like fireworks. We looked out the back door (having just finished Greg Reade's statistics mid-term with him) and saw flame rising well above the Free's house. That was the direction of Mom's house, so we went running. David and Bill managed to get Mom out of her house ("My hair!") before the power went off. We all spent the next hour watching her neighbor's house literally burn to the ground. The embers were flying, the firetrucks arrived in force (7 of them, plus numerous police cars we didn't count) and the neighbors all crawled out to see what was happening. The man in this house heard the fireworks sound and found the fire. He grabbed his cell phone and his computer and ran. Now that's all he owns.

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Anonymous said...

I am thankful you guys were awake and able to check on Mimi.