Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More on Macy's

I know this is a weird picture, but this is the escalator at Macy's. It is wooden! It feels like church pews made into an escalator. It's also kind of freaky to step on...there's an optical illusion effect. We went to Ben and Jerry's on the fourth floor during one of our breaks.

During lunch Todd, David and I took off to an Irish Pub somewhere in the fashion district. We weren't sure we could find food, but we knew we could put new buttons on my coat or buy some sweet trims! Project Runway fans rejoice. During lunch we had the computers out and were looking at the Christ Fellowship website. I got a blog in on Coffee Shop Journal, too.

Spring Hoffman managed to get to Q by 11 or so; not bad considering she had to get up at 5! We were hunting for caffeine to charge us, and a phone charger to charge her battery.

Day One at Q came to a close when we went to Little Italy to meet Greg Reade and his parents for dessert. Long but good day!


Anonymous said...

This conference is looking more and more fun by the hour. Project Runway?! Love to everyone in the Big Apple.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see Todd there with you guys! I really enjoy seeing your pictures on this site and reading the in depth feedback from the conference at the other site.