Friday, April 11, 2008

Q day 2: fun and friends!

This is what Gotham Hall looks like with all the Q dudes on break! It's very funny, actually. Most of them are making phone calls or having very in-depth conversations. The lady at Starbucks today wanted to know what in the world was going on down there. When I explained the concept, she got it. She thought it was a great idea!

You just gotta love these water bottles. I know....crazy pic, but honestly: art deco water bottles.

This is one of the pictures that the visual "scribe" did of a session this morning. It's just so cool looking. All these posters are now hung along the walls of Gotham Hall.

This was lunch in the downstairs restaurant guessed it...Macy's. Buddy, Gabe, Trey, Spring, David and Todd. We were also joined by a miscellaneous woman from World Vision named Shelley. Thank you for joining us, Shelley!

You can read all about it at coffee shop, but I had to post a few pics before going to bed. It's 1 AM and I really need to NOT keep my normal hours!


Anonymous said...

What are the three main takeaways from Q that you could put into practice right away? I am curious to know your top moment of the entire conference, even if it was not in a workshop.

Marla said...

Top moment of the conference? When Gabe Lyons closed the conference by reminding us how much God loves his church.

Top moment of the trip? Can't say...I think that requires a Dave Letterman style top ten list. New post idea...yay!

Takeaways...stay tuned. I have to let it marinate.